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The Doncaster Methodist Circuit

(Registered Charity 1134251)

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The circuit has 22 churches across an area roughly defined by the boundaries of Doncaster MBC (with the addition of Harworth). These churches vary in membership with three having a membership of over 100 and four between 50 and 100. The churches are currently divided into 5 streams reflecting geographic areas.

The circuit leadership team have a strong focus on 'Mission' which has been developed over the last five years. This began with 'Vision Days' held at a number of venues across the circuit to determine priorities and to begin moving thinking from 'maintenance' to 'mission'. These meetings led to the adoption of a 'policy for mission' in 2008. Since then every church in the circuit has undertaken the ' Healthy Churches' initiative, based on Robert Warren's book, in order to identify their strengths and areas for development. This in turn has led the circuit to put on events to enhance our ability to 'listen to God' and to develop our 'discipleship' skills. The most recent is the Methodist devised course, 'Talking of God'. (See our Mission Statement here.)

Doncaster has a very good bus service linking all parts to the centre and is a communications hub with fast train services to London and the north. It has major service industries owing to its close proximity to major motorways. It also has its own airport.

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