Doncaster Methodist Circuit

Priory Place

Priory Place Methodist Church


Minister:                     Rev. Tom Read, BA, MTh
                                                01302 323077

Steward:                     Margaret Tomlinson
01302 618572

Church Telephone:   01302 367737

Address:                    Printing Office Street, 
                                                 DN1 1TR


 Priory is an active and lively church, situated at the heart of Doncaster town centre. Priory’s stated purpose is "To be a Christian presence in the town centre, and to serve the town centre community in Christ's name." The town centre community is constantly changing, but we aim to offer a warm welcome to all. Sunday services are a particular focus, but the church building is open most days of the week; during the average week we are pleased to be able to welcome hundreds of people into our premises. If you want to be part of a caring, serving Christian community, and take advantage of the many opportunities to express God’s love in practical ways, please come and join us!

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