Doncaster Methodist Circuit

Rev Dr Frank Okai-Sam

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I have been a Methodist Minister in Doncaster since 2008. I originally come from Ghana, West Africa.

My Christian upbringing, experiences in personal devotions, worship services, and membership in church groups such as Sunday school, Youth Fellowship, Methodist Guild and Church Choir were preparatory grounds for training into ministry. Moreover, being part of many Christian organisations including the Ghana Methodist Students’ Union (GHAMSU) and Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI) made me to learn many skills and principles in evangelism, discipleship and ministry. These have modelled me into a person who believes that God can be found everywhere and in every person.

       Coming to the U.K. was an opportunity to explore more aspects of my life and commit myself the more to serve God. However, I gained a lot of confidence and skills to preach when I became a member of the leadership of the local churches in Ghana and the U.K. I have also served as a Local Preacher, class leader, church steward, and circuit steward among others.

      I had always postponed training to be a Presbyter with the excuse of being educated first. But to my surprise, education has had no end in my life. It was therefore at Christmas 2003 that I finally gave in to God’s call into the ministry.

        As a Christian, I believe in presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ with my life. Moreover, my other passions include prayer, fasting, generous giving and social justice. I also engage in small-group discipleship.

       Being a Minister has given me the opportunity to listen to people, ‘walk with them in their journeys’ and engage with the world in God’s perspective. I enjoy a mix of worship service styles.

       Before being a Methodist Minister, I was a University Lecturer in Chemistry in Ghana. I also taught Science as a supply teacher whiles studying in Bradford and York.

      My family is very supportive of my ministry. I am married to Patience and we have two children.

        I love gardening and watching football and other sports. I also love walking.

        It is my hope to continue to be part of a circuit leadership team that works in God’s vineyard to present Christ Jesus to communities in Doncaster and beyond.