Doncaster Methodist Circuit

Susanna Brookes

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Hello! I am Susanna Brookes, and it is my privilege to be serving as a Lay Pastor in the Doncaster Circuit.

I am a Cornish Dairy Farmer’s daughter and very proud of my roots, travelling back to see family whenever possible. I was blessed to grow up in beautiful surroundings and in a Christian family, and I can remember having a very real but simple faith from being very young. There have been some very significant points along my life when I have decided as I understood more, to accept more of God’s love and will for me. One being the first time I understood what it was that Jesus did in dying for me. Another when at 18 I finally started to train to be a local preacher (I say finally as I dithered for a couple of years thinking it was only something ‘older people’ did!).

I love to bake – a family trait, and I enjoy a wide range of music. I have also developed a love-hate relationship with the gym and running. I hate the thought of it but love it once it’s done!

I am very much enjoying my work in the Circuit, and  it is a real privilege to be serving God in this way with these churches.