Doncaster Methodist Circuit

Rev Tom Read

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Besides being the minister at Priory I am also the named minister at some other churches which include St. Andrew’s, Bentley, Scawthorpe and Flintwood.

I am also the Superintendent Minister of the Circuit and I am wonderfully supported in this by a great Circuit Leadership Team part of which is the ministry team.

I accepted Christ as my Lord and Saviour at a Don Summers Evangelistic Crusade in Dudley Town Hall on 19th March 1975. A year before that I had already heard God call me into the Methodist Ministry as a 14 year old boy. So upon my conversion I already knew what the Lord wanted me to do with my life.

I began training as a Methodist Local Preacher when I was 17 and started working in a bank when I was 18 to gain at least a little life experience.

I candidated for the ministry when I was 20 and then a year later went to train for four years at Wesley College Bristol, alongside reading for an honours degree in Theology and Religious Studies at the University.

My first appointment was at Helsby in 1985 before moving to Biddulph and Mow Cop in 1988. In 1993 I moved to Cantley before moving to Priory in 2012.

I am married to Jane and I have three grown-up children and three grandsons.

I have been so privileged to become a Christian at such a young age and to have had a life time of serving the Methodist people who in turn have loved me and nurtured me.

I am conscious that the Methodist Church faces many challenges, not least in Doncaster. Yet alongside all of the lovely people who make up the life of our 22 local churches we are determined by God’s grace to apply ourselves wholeheartedly to what he has given us to do and to trust in Him to equip us to be a “discipleship movement shaped for mission”. To this end over the last year we have been working on a Strategy for Growth and Development. This means that from September 2019 our ministry will be far more focussed on a fewer churches which, we are trusting and praying, will lead to that growth and development being realised.